Raining in Dracut

All’s been quiet on the commenting front since the removal of Natalie, at least for the most part. I don’t know if that’s good or bad but I think I’ve reached a place with this page where I don’t need a comment every day to validate my work here. If people feel like dropping a note they will, but a lot of times I’m just writing about everyday shit and what’s a person supposed to say in response to a rant about my problems with my e-mail program?

I’ve been sitting in the other room watching the Patriots play preseason football for most of the evening. Occasionally I’ll come back in here and check to see if Outlook is still running. I’ve been running it all night to see if it crashes again, as I wasn’t totally convinced that the error I corrected yesterday was the whole problem. Sure enough, Microsoft’s fine e-mail product has a conflict with one of the programs my video card runs too. It’s not a big problem but it does cause the program to crash on occasion, so I turned the video card thingy off. It was doing anything particularly useful anyway.

I’m going to let the program continue to run overnight and see what happens. If I wake up and it’s still fine then I’ll be satisfied and that’ll be that.

Right. I’m off to watch the end of the Pat’s game before bed.