One More Chore

I am in the middle of reading a story by one of the writers I will meet a week from tonight on the first evening of the first residency of my graduate program in creative writing. I am in the middle of reading and I am getting very sleepy. It’s not that the story is bad. In fact, it is quite good. No, the truth is that I never get much sleep and I always try to do too much with my days and that I really should be going to bed.

I will attempt to finish the story before I doze off but I’m not having high hopes right now. That’s actually why I came into our office to type this. I was afraid I might fall asleep while reading and then never get around to writing this.

Earlier today I was afraid that the clock might never get around to five PM, but eventually it did. For that, I was very happy. It may not be that relaxing a weekend, these two days ahead of me, but it will be a weekend nevertheless.

I have tons of reading to do, work to do on two websites, and it wouldn’t hurt if I mapped out 1994 so I could get started on writing the entries for it next week. I have a long way to go with the lifelong journal if I really am going to finish this year.

I will try to fit some relaxing in as well but every time I think about relaxing I come up with one more little chore that needs to get done.