Writing Wonderings

Today was nice and balanced. I spent the pre-noon hours working on two website projects. I spent the early afternoon reading two more of the fourteen stories written by my MFA classmates. The later afternoon was spent doing various things while waiting for Stephanie to finish reading Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix and then there was dinner, a trip to Staples, and a jaunt out into the merry Merrimack Valley with my good friend Jon.

It occurred to me during my trip out with JonMartin that I have been using the phrase, "I know not." an awful lot lately. I’m not sure why this is and I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before. But, I feel satisfied having mentioned it now.

Another thing that occurred to me while I was out with Jon was how strange it is that, while as a writer I am, for the most part, obsessed with sexuality and relationships, my one overwhelming writerly desire of late is to write about my family history. How are those two things related? Is it important that they be related? Am I better off that I have such wide-ranging interests?

I must clarify that these wonderings did not cause me confusion or pain. They were just wonderings. We spent some time in Borders and in Barnes & Noble and being around books always makes me wonder about my own writing.

I wonder, if I put out my three screenplays as a second book… A) Would people buy it? B) Would sales of the second book drive up sales of the first?