Speedwrite and Speedwriterer

I spent all of today in the fruitless pursuit of things I shouldn’t have been pursuing. I have a graduate program beginning in less than a week and more reading for that program that seems humanly possible to complete. Did I do the reading today? Well, okay, I did do a little of it, but not nearly enough. No, the balance of my day was spent trying to make the TV-In connection to my computer work the way I wanted it to, and when that didn’t work, my evening was spent trying to burn a DVD with my spiffy new burner.

The trouble is, DVDs I burn in my burner will not play in my regular DVD player. It turns out I should have known this as well. It says that it won’t play DVD+R or DVD-R discs right in the manual for the player.

So, should I return my spiffy new computer? I mean, I did eventually get the TV connection to work, even if it didn’t work exactly as I’d hoped. And, I did burn a DVD that’s playable on my computer and will probably be playable in future players.

Who the fuck knows? The point is that I am supremely frustrated going into this work week and that is never good. I’m having a tough enough time at work as it is, concentrating and such.

I also have a series of website predicaments I have no time to solve. One of my new domains… they’re actually asking for proof of identification and such… probably because the site be construed as derogatory if you didn’t know it was a joke. My Clarkwoods.com site’s hosting agreement is up for renewal on Wednesday. I need to get that moved over to my new server but my new server isn’t behaving exactly the way I want it to. And, the new site I’m close to finishing, that I’ve been working on for weeks, is still not done because I spent so much time on all that other shit today.

And this is what I’ve been doing with my time when I should be preparing for the most important educational experience of my life so far…

I’m a fucking idiot.