Working Itself Out

All of my little website and technical problems seemed to find ways to work themselves out over the last twenty-four hours and this is a very good thing. I still have Wednesday and Thursday and a little bit of Friday to get all of my work done for the residency. I’ve read eleven of the fourteen stories by my classmates and I’ve just begun the twelfth. There is a sense of anticipation all throughout my body and mind.

This is one of the most important steps of my life thusfar and the reality that it is so close has finally begun to hit me. On Friday evening I’ll meet all sorts of new people and begin a new journey that I’ve been waiting to begin for a long time.

Before then I still hope to launch my oft-talked about new website. I would say it’s 90% done right now. I just need to finish off a couple more pages and then it’ll be up and I’ll be ready to announce to you all what it is all about.

Perhaps I’ll even get to it Wednesday morning before work. You never know.

For now though, it is time for bed.