Howard the Duck

I fell asleep on the couch watching Wag The Dog on Bravo tonight, after a long day work work-work, home-work, and debating the merits of the film Howard the Duck. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen Howard the Duck, but this movie that most people consider one of the biggest stinkers of all time is actually one of my favorites.

Maybe that’s just the lack of sleep talking. Who knows?

The first residency of my MFA is approaching. This is very exciting to me and the only thing that’s not exciting is that it will probably be over just as quickly as it begins. That’s just the type of thinker I am, I guess. I’m already thinking about the end of something that hasn’t even begun.

Maybe that’s just the lack of sleep talking.

I’m not sure why I’m sleeping so poorly lately but I do know that come lunchtime I am more ready for a nap than a reading session. Maybe we need a new mattress.