On The Eve Of Greatness

It’s been a long week. It’s been painful to get through, with the notable exceptions of my Mother’s birthday and tonight’s writing session with Jon, but I’ve made it. I’m typing to you on the eve of what is sure to be a tremendous new chapter of my life. My MFA program at Lesley University begins tomorrow evening. I have only eight more hours of work to get through to attain the reward that is the continuation of my lifelong dream.

If you couldn’t tell, I am very excited about this program. The anticipation is palpable. Wait… can anticipation be palpable? Is that even a proper cliche?

Ah, who cares?

JonMartin and I didn’t write nearly as much of our screenplay tonight as we have in previous weeks but what we did write is quality stuff. I think we know our characters now and we’re getting into the meat of the script. We hadn’t really thought about the second act as much as we’d thought about the first and third. We’d spent a lot of time on the buns and condiments but not a lot on the hamburger.

That sentence didn’t sound nearly as cool as it did in my head.

Anyway, we figured out how the second act works and we wrote a bit of it and it was a great way to be creative and still be fairly relaxed on the eve of my MFA program. I can’t explain how great it has been to work in a creative capacity with my good friend Jon again.

Earlier in the day I exhibited a different type of creativity when somebody at work began humming the tune to the Door’s ‘People Are Strange.’ I’ve had this parody of the song kicking around my head for ages and I finally decided to write it down. When I saw the reactions it elicited at work, I decided I had to post it here tonight.

People Are Stupid
People are stupid when you’re not stupid
Faces look ugly when you’re a stud
Women seem wicked when you’re a dickhead
Pleats are uneven when you’re a putz

When you deranged
You push people off of the train
When you enraged
People are screaming your name
When you deranged
When you enraged
When you