Lesley Residency 1.1

The question is, "What did I think of the first night of my MFA program?" The answer is that I don’t know. And, the reason that I don’t know is because there was simply not enough to judge by tonight. It seems to me that I will enjoy the program and learn from it. It seems to me that there are a great many interesting people to meet. And, it seems to me that Jimmy and Bill must live somewhere in the vicinity of where I’ll be walking every day and I better finally see them after months of talking about it.

Tonight consisted of about an hour and a half of orientation and food and then a reading of about the same length. I didn’t meet too many people during the orientation because my overwhelming shyness was having its way with me. I did meet a very interesting creative nonfiction person as well as one or two of my fiction comrades. I also met Michael Lowenthal, who will be my advisor during the first semester. He wrote a book called Avoidance among other things.

At the reading we heard from the department head Steven Cramer, who read poems from his books both published and soon-to-be published, and Dan Hofstader, who read an abbreviated version of an essay or story (I wasn’t clear which). Both were excellent and it made me feel good to know that these were the caliber of people I would be working under over the next week.

I am a bit worried about seeming distant though. The fact that I am obscenely shy when I first meet people may very well play against me here. I’m afraid they might think that I’m a snob or something far worse.

For now though, I am going to put my worries aside so that I can get some sleep for tomorrow’s very exciting and very busy day two.