Lesley Residency 1.2

Today sealed it for me. This is not only what I was meant to do. This residency, this MFA program, is where I was meant to learn how to do what I do better. Though it began very early and is ending respectably late, the day proved to me that I really can do this — and that I really should. To be sure, this confidence may wane by tomorrow morning. But, at least for one day I felt as if in my element and as if I were truly on the path meant for me.

If I was worried about being distant yesterday, today I was worried about being too up-close and personal. It was as if a switch was flicked on in my brain. Suddenly, I was able to speak with my fellow students, to hold conversations with the faculty. I seemed to have rid myself of the shyness all in one fell swoop. I only worry now, and trust that I don’t worry that much, that perhaps I have thrown people for a loop with all my talking. Perhaps I am talking too much and not listening enough.

The thing that became clear to me is that these group of people is not all that dissimilar from the groups of writers I knew at Bradford. The very talented Shera, who I had several conversations with today, reminds me of the very talented Heather — both in appearance and demeanor. My faculty advisor Michael reminds me a bit of David and he’s certainly proved as invaluable on this first day. The children’s book artist & writer Bryan reminds me of my good friend Erik, although I must admit that Bryan’s work is a wee bit more kid-tested and mother-approved than that of fair “Yuji,” which, I must further clarify, is not at all a slight against my comic-strip drawing pal.

They are similar, but different. The similarities allow me to ease back into that familiar place where creativity fluroushed. The differences allow me to experience new people, new reactions, new things.

I haven’t even met everyone there is to meet yet and there are at least two people I can think of, that I have met, who are so different they don’t invite comparison to anyone I’ve known previously, which is not to say anything bad about those who did invite comparison or those who did not.

The point of all this is that I met people and we had our seminars on Life as a Writer and Reading as a Writer and we had a reading again and all was good. Tomorrow looks to be even more exciting. Word has it we may be starting our first fiction workshop by reviewing my piece.

Excuse me while I return to nervousness and convulsions…