Lesley Residency 1.7

Today was a day of sensory overload. There was simply an overwhelming amount of stimuli to absorb. In the span of a single day, we were exposed to the talent and personality of Maurice Sendak and also the poetry of Robert Pinsky. Aside from that, we had a wonderful poetry "read-in", and a group of us took a field-trip to Harvard Square to buy books. There was a lot to do and I’m straining to not fall asleep on the keyboard as I type this.

We began the day with a sort of poetry read-in. We were all instructed to bring in one of our favorite poems to read and share with the class aloud. The performances were amazing. The words that came from the mouths of those who are usually quiet provided great music. In particular, Scott, one of my fellow fiction writers, was impressive enough that I’m still recalling the details of his performance at this late hour. He did the poem by Lewis Carroll, "Jabberwock", which might not even be called that.

It was great. That’s all you need to know.

After lunch, Scott, Jill, Shera, Bryan, and I trekked down to Harvard Square to buy books that we’ll be reading over the coming distance-learning semester. Being in the bookstore was amazing but the total at the register certainly was not. And, I had to go to two bookstores to find everything I was looking for. Jill and Shera were a little less concerned about getting everything right at the moment because that meant they’d just have more stuff to somehow find a way to get home come Sunday when they depart.

When we returned from our field-trip it was time for an "Afternoon with Maurice Sendak", which had to be one of the highlights of this residency for me. He was just an amazing storyteller and every question he was asked was answered with an elaborate and detailed response. He was an amazing man to listen to for a couple of hours on a hot August afternoon.

After Maurice there was dinner and then Scott, Shera, Jill, Sara, and I went out for drinks. I guess I had been waiting for this moment all week, the moment when we all finally went out and did what writers are supposed to do — drink. Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do?

I had a few midori sours and we talked about favorite movies and how weird I am for not ever wanting to see The Princess Bride and how weird Shera was because she didn’t like the Indiana Jones series.  Then, after we left, Sara guided us around Cambridge a bit before the Pinsky reading.

I was so tired by the time Pinsky went on that, even with the amazing language issuing from this man, I was about ready to fall asleep. That being said, I’m going to go lay down on the couch (where I’ve been sleeping while Stephanie is away) and get some much-deserved rest.