We’ll See…

I had a horribly shitty day at work today, mainly towards the end. It was so shitty, in fact, that I began drawing up a list of things Stephanie and I would have to give up or sell in order that we might quit our jobs and move off into the boonies somewhere and live with only the most important things in life. I wrote down a list that began, “Cancel: cable, internet, phone, sell or get rid of my car…” They fucked with me on the wrong day. I’ve just finished a week away where I discovered what’s truly important to me and being blamed for things that aren’t my fault is not something I need in my life.

It is a lucky thing for all that The Two Towers came out on DVD today and an even luckier thing that I received a phonecall from Tori. If those particular events had not occupied the better part of my evening I might have had that much more time to stew about wanting to just not show up at work tomorrow.

The writing continued this morning and I think it’s probably kind of crappy but maybe isn’t. We’ll see when I get to revision. I think by tomorrow morning I should be close to finished with a first draft. I’m hoping to immediately take some of what I learned during the residency and apply it to creating a better second draft so that there aren’t as many problems with the piece when I hand it in sometime in September.

I’m off to bed now to try and get some sleep and some calm before I have to head in to work tomorrow. Perhaps tomorrow’s writing will calm me as well. Again, we’ll see.