A Drive to Beantown

I made it through today at work unscathed. I’m glad to still have my job and I’m glad I didn’t do anything rash yesterday when I was upset. I still long for the day when I can write full time but I’ve spoken about that enough on this page. Also, it’s too late for me to getting into that whole discussion again. I’ve just gotten back from helping a friend out on an errand and it’s way past my bedtime.

When Tiff called to say that she needed a ride to Boston to bring her boyfriend some things, I was just about to sit down to dinner. I’m not that kind of guy that refuses a request like that though. If a friend needs help and it’s help that I can provide, I do my best to provide it. She needed a ride and so I ate my dinner and headed over there.

I used Stephanie’s car though, because it has air conditioning and a working radio. This allowed me to, in between chats with Tiff, check out the score of the Patriots preseason game against the Chicago Bears. It was a pleasant drive and we made our way into Boston, picked up her guy and then dropped him off at home. Then we headed home ourselves.

On the way back Tiff fell asleep and I listened to the last little bit of the Pats game, very happy they’d won again. I was kind of worried we’d run into traffic from the other sporting event just getting out, the Boston Red Sox game, but we made it onto the highway quickly and it was smooth sailing from then on.

I’m home now and it’s way past bedtime and I have to get up tomorrow morning regardless, because I can’t break my routine in the first week I’ve implemented it. Besides, I’m almost done with the first draft of this story.