I Made It

I made it through the day and through the week and, though another week of real work is just around the corner, I can take comfort in the fact that it’ll be a shorter one thanks to the long weekend that has just begun. The day began with work and has ended with a late night conversation with old friends about everything under the sun.

I was dead-tired all day, still recovering from the night I drove Tiff to Boston and then staying up late again last night to watch the VMAs. I knew that I would be the one responsible for driving to Maine tonight though because we would have to eat on the way and Stephanie cannot eat and drive. That’s a talent I seem to uniquely possess.

I made it through the drive too and I did it without falling asleep at the wheel even once. I suppose some of that had to do with who we were going to visit.

When we finally made it to Maine, we discovered Tori, Dan, and Kerry locked out of Tori and Dan’s apartment. It was something like that. Whatever it was, getting into the place involved Dan crawling through a window while we all hugged and said hello.

Once inside we had ourselves a long and cool conversation about all things imaginable. I do often wonder if we bore Dan when we get going about the good ole days of Bradford like a bunch of old ladies, but we always seem to eventually get to something he was there for as well and then all is well.

It was very late before we realized what time it was, too late in fact for Stef and I to blow up our air mattress without disturbing the neighbors (our pump only works when plugged into the car). So, we took up our spot on the floor, which was fine despite Tori and Dan being worried about us sleeping shittily, and Kerry took up her spot on the couch and we went to sleep.

Actually Kerry read for a while, I think, but this is supposed to be told from my perspective, right? So, how would I know for sure. How can you expect me to know what everyone else did when I went to sleep? I try to be comprehensive. I really do!


Hehe… I’m silly.