A Boring Recap of a Muy Cool Day

I was up early and Kerry was up soon thereafter and the conversation that had ended only when we realized how late it was the night before began anew. The silliest thing in the world was that Stephanie, who appeared to be sound asleep, would occasionally wake up just long enough to offer her two cents on a topic and then fall right back into unconciousness.

Kerry, Tori, Dan, Stephanie, and I all eventually went out to breakfast at a place Tori and Dan frequented in town. Their bacon was amazing, their blueberry pancakes thick and full of goodness, and from what I hear their sausage gravy was to die for. The biscuits, which went along with the gravy and which I had a side order of, were oh so good as well.

After our late breakfast we traveled to a beach where they had filmed portions of the Kevin Costner flick Message In A Bottle. Dan grew up in the area and he told us all sorts of stories about it as we drove and walked around. We walked the beach and cringed whenever the tide came in because the water was freezing and again we talked and talked and talked and our conversation went all over the place, so much so that I can’t remember any specific thing that we spoke of at this moment, except to say that I have the warmest of feelings when I think back on the day.

Ice cream was the next item on the agenda and we got some downtown in the town which they live. I had a brownie sundae with both hot fudge and peanut butter sauce and it was just unbeatable. We sat around the corner from the ice cream stand and pondered what went on in what looked like an abandoned dance studio that hid behind a row of buildings closer to the street.

There was more conversing to be done back at Tori and Dan’s place and Kerry didn’t end up leaving for home until long after she had originally planned. Stef was hungry and we all decided to go out to eat before Stef and I headed home. There was a great mexican place tucked into a tacky hotel’s lobby nearby and that’s where we ate and then we went back to their place and said our goodbyes and drove off for home.