The Battle Of Speedwrite Heights

The early portion of the day… tiredness… going through e-mail… Stef doing the laundry while I drove to Best Buy to buy some things at their best buys… trying to read more of The Dubliners and falling asleep in the process… Then waking up just in time to greet Jon and go off to see The Battle of Shaker Heights in Cambridge.

The film is the most vivid part of the day for me. JonMartin thought that it had good parts but didn’t hang together as a movie. I actually thought it was really great, though listening to Jon’s analyzation of it made me think he was more on-target with his assessment than I was. Was I supposed to use “then” in that instance instead of “than”? I never know. Was the question mark supposed to go inside the quotation marks?

Anyway, I thought it was evident that Kyle and Ephram, who directed Shaker Heights had much more talent than last year’s Project Greenlight contest winner Pete Jones. The script worked for me, though it tried to be too ambitious in the number of stories it tackled. And, the acting was pretty superb for a little movie. I really loved Shia’s performance. He was the lead. He brought me in and I bought it the whole way.

After the film Jon and I discussed our own movie and my experiences at the residency while on the T and in the car on the way home.