Bookended By Writing

It was the best kind of day but I was in the worst kind of mood for most of it. It began and ended with writing. I woke up and finished the rough draft of my second post-residency story. And just now, just before bedtime, I spent a couple of hours working the script that Jon and I have been writing over the past couple of months. My mood was soured early in the day though and it never quite recovered.

I actually had the feeling that I had woken up on the wrong side of the bed. When the alarm went off at 5:30 I wanted no part of getting up. Perhaps it was because of the knowledge that the easy part of writing was about to be over and that tomorrow morning I would be faced with my least-favorite part of the process — revision.

Whatever the case, my mood was further ruined by a hornet that decided to follow me into my car when I got outside to go to work. All the time I’d earned myself by showering and getting outside early was lost on trying to kill that motherfucking insect. I drove to work in a huff and blared live Nine Inch Nails the whole way.

I almost thought to write down how angry I was when I got there but I didn’t.

Somehow I made it through the day and JonMartin came over and we wrote. Our script is very funny and it’s been very fun to work on. Towards the end of our session I started printing out the story I have to start revising tomorrow. When I saw those pages issue forth from the printer I was terrified. I was sure that tomorrow morning I was going to wake up and read twenty-six pages worth of crap and just fall apart.

That may still happen but at least I can acknowledge that I was probably just being overly melodramatic.