Ate Too Much

I was a ruthless editor today. I took my latest story to the cleaners and hopefully, it’ll be all the better for it. For the first time, probably ever, I actually enjoyed the process of revision. It gave me a charge to sit down with my story and nitpick and go over every paragraph and every line. Tomorrow morning I’ll probably start looking at every single word individually.

This put me in a relatively good mood to start off the day. But, despite the fact that I left for work even earlier today, I managed to get in even later than I had been. It seems wrong in some way, in the same way that Buffalo getting Lawyer Milloy the day after our stupid New England front office dumped him is wrong.

Anyway, most of my day at work was spent helping the girls up front answer phones because they were two people short and there was a lot of action up there. That was a nice change of pace but Thursdays are typically a very busy day for me and a lot of shit didn’t get done that normally would have.

After work I came home and finished the first book I had to read for my MFA program, Joyce’s The Dubliners. The last paragraph of “The Dead” really is one of the best passages in all of fiction. You have to read the whole story to really appreciate it.

Then I ate too much for dinner because I was home alone while Stef was in class and I was lonely and watching football. I ate too much and now I’m sick. And now, I’m going to bed.