The Back and Forth

I had a fun time slaughtering my darlings, as they say, this morning. As I mentioned yesterday I am actually enjoying the process of revision for the first time in my life. I mean, I used to be the guy who thought he could just write an amazing first draft every time and be done with it. Now I’ve come to realize that guy doesn’t exist and the process of crafting a story little by little is starting to appeal to me.

With another great morning under my belt I headed off to work and hoped that the day would treat me better than some have this week. For the most part it did, but towards the end of the day I was spoken with in much the same way that I have been recently and I felt like shit by the time five o’clock came around.

I had already been feeling like shit physically and now that I was feeling like shit psychically it was just that much worse. I played Marilyn Manson loud on the way home and the Stef and I sat down to watch the Red Sox game. When I started cooking I realized I was so sick I didn’t really want to eat.

Then I fell asleep on the couch and got up with just enough time to spare to write this before midnight.