A Bust

I woke up with a mission. I wanted to finally buy the hi-fi VCR I’ve been wanting for months. Yes, I know it sounds silly that in this age of DVDs I wanted to buy an archaic piece of equipment, but you have to understand that the VCR we did have was mono and old and I didn’t like it. I needed this new VCR in order to fulfill my plans for world domination. It had to be mine.

So, after playing some video game football in the morning and trying to push away the lingering anger I had left in me from yesterday, Stef and I got in the car and drove to Salem, NH and there I bought a new VCR.

Much rejoicing ensued.

When I got it all set up I started transferring old stuff onto the computer. I digitized the Pop Bubblegum Trash “Nice and Round” video and the live version of “It’s A Shame About Ray” I had hanging around in the Soma/Brand X archives and I even sat through the agony of the Brand X’s show at Bradford. The entire time I wondered how people managed to sit through the whole thing. So much of it was so awful.

I also digitized my wedding video. That should be noted as well.

The rest of the day was a bust though, mainly due to the fact that the anger I had left over from yesterday never really disappeared and it was just further magnified by watching old videos of sometimes poor quality and wondering if me buying a new VCR was really worth it after all.