Still Hacking Away…

I guess the most notable event of the day, considering that the rest of the day was pretty standard-issue, was when I finished editing my story for graduate school this morning and discovered that I’d only managed to cut half a page in my efforts to make it shorter. I’m not sure if that’s good enough for me. I definitely have to cut at least six more lines to get it under 25 pages, which is the limit for what we can submit in one submission. I’ve got the rest of the mornings this week to accomplish that, but I’ve also got a lot of other things to do.

For example, I must finish reading Michael Chabon’s excellent collection of short stories, Werewolves in Their Youth and then write two-page papers on both that book and Joyce’s Dubliners. These aren’t book reports or literary analysis. These are supposed to be on how each book helped me with my writing this semester.

I also have to do one writing exercise from the back of Gardner’s The Art of Fiction. All of this needs to be done by Thursday evening so I can mail it by Friday morning.

So, Tuesday morning may be my last chance to get some honest-to-goodness revision done on “The One About Robin” and I’m a little worried that’s not going to be enough time. We’ll see though. I mean, I don’t think the story is horrible but you never know. My barometer of what is good and bad about my fiction is quite fucked up at times.