So Far, I Have Not

The comments on yesterday’s entry got me through today on the job and also, the fact that I felt back on track with my work for the first time since before the residency and also, the fact that my boss actually dug some of the stuff I produced. It was a much better day than yesterday but before noon, several times, I felt like I was hyperventilating because I had so many tasks on my plate I didn’t know where to begin.

I made it through though and that was that.

‘The One About Robin’ has been taken as far as it can go. I know it still needs a lot of work but I need another set of eyes on it now and I need to get it sent in the mail by Friday morning. I also have two two-page papers and a writing exercise to complete so I’ll be using my remaining writing time this week to get that shit done.

I almost finished the Michael Chabon short story collection today as well. That was quite nice. I really do love Chabon’s work, his short stuff even more than Kavalier and Clay, which I read earlier this year.

So, if I make it through this week, which has seemed to pass fairly quickly, I will smile and be happy on Friday evening because with all the work I had at work and outside of work I thought I was going to die.

And so far, I have not.