A Black Day

I woke this morning, as so many of us did, to news of the passing of John Ritter and Johnny Cash. Though the day was relatively easy to get through I did have momentary lapses into sadness. It seemed so devestating to lose two such valuable souls in the span of one short day. When you add to it the death of Warren Zevon earlier this week I suppose you could say that the entertainment world has been dealt a blow greater than its been dealt in a while. I felt the loss too, in my own small way.

As usual, this webpage and the communication with you fine folks who read it helped get me through. I did actually have a moment where I felt a bit misty-eyed. I don’t know where it came from but I did honestly feel sad for a little spot of the day. It came and it went but somehow, the deaths of these men did touch me today.

Other than those small, poignant moments there isn’t much else to report this evening. Stephanie and I had a quiet evening alone at home and now it’s time for bed. I look forward to weekend that might include, finally, a visit with Jimmy and a trip into Boston and perhaps, just perhaps, a Patriots game that’ll make up for last week’s debacle. We’ll see how it turns out.