Saturday With Jimmy

Well, we finally had our day out with Jimmy and it was a most pleasant day at that. At one point it looked like our plans might be foiled by a simple lack of communication and coordination. However, we did finally meet up on the sidewalk of Massachusetts Avenue, just down the street from Porter Square in Cambridge. And then, all was good.

I’d like to point out that I’m using a lot of these one or two word and then a comma type of sentences. I know we’ve dealt with my grammatical paranoia before but I did feel the need to let you know that I am aware of this strange habit of mine and I am working to correct it.

Now, getting back to the story, I must relate to you the events of the day and the events of the day are these. Stephanie and I got up and drove to Cambridge to buy my books and get her student ID at Lesley. I got a new student ID, this one with my picture on it, while we were at the campus security office. That should be noted for the record as well. After all that, we went to Harvard Square for some shopping and lunch and we called Jimmy.

Confusion ensued here because I neglected to tell Jimmy where we were when I left a voicemail on his cellphone and neither Stephanie nor I have any idea what Stef’s cellphone number is, so we couldn’t leave him a number to call back. If Jimmy hadn’t been in the basement at the time, or so I gather, his cellphone would’ve remembered what our number was and he could have called back. But, even if that had been the case, Stephanie and I turned off the cellphone to conserve power and he wouldn’t have gotten as anyway.

What all this comes down to is that Jimmy traveled all the way from his place to Harvard Square to find us, went into the place he thought we’d most likely be at and then, when we weren’t there, and after looking around at another couple of places, he went home. Then we, having been at lunch, ended up at the place he was looking (Newbury Comics) and gave him a call from there when we were done, which eventually led to our meeting up on Mass Ave and heading to Jimmy’s place.

So, where does that brings us? Well, rather than go into every detail of what we did with Jimmy, let’s just say that we went a bunch of places, talked a lot, and then, around 8ish, parted ways. The places we visited included: Central Square, Porter Square, Kendall Square, the Cambridge Side Galleria, and the T.

It was at the Cambridge Side Galleria, one of our final stops, that I had a real moment that reverberated through the car ride home. We all walked into Abercrombie, a store I’d never been in, and Stef went to the women’s side and Jimmy and I went to the men’s side. We were joking that someday we would have to partake in a real life Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and basically, through conversation, we (mostly me) came to the conclusion that I could be fit and trim and happy with my body with just a little work and then I could wear all these nice clothes that we were checking out that I dug.

And you can kiss my ass if you think I’m some sort of asshole for liking the clothes in there. They may be expensive as all fuck, but they were nice and if I had the money and a body I was happier with I’d be in there in a heartbeat.

So, it all sort of inspired me to really try and get back on the ball with my exercising and weight loss so that maybe, just maybe, I could someday go shopping with Jimmy and get some nice clothes for myself and feel good about the way I look.

Oh, and it also inspired me to write a really long journal entry. For that, I apologize.