Dietary Adjustment

On the second full day of my dietary adjustment I had a sausage and cheese without my traditional English muffin, the shake I used to make after my afternoon workouts (Whey protein, orange juice, Benefiber, and Coromega fish-oil supplement), an ice cold chicken tender salad (thanks to the freezing little refrigerator down at my end of the office), steak, corn, corn bread, and a few pieces of pepporoni.

I also worked, wrote, read, and made a visit to a gym just down the street to inquire about membership. This place gives you two free consultations with a personal trainer and it wasn’t crowded and it’s right down the street. Come Wednesday I may go in there and sign up.

I also decided to get off my ass and get the archival entries on this site going again. It had been far too long with just the 1995 up there. For Christ’s sake, most of the work for 1994 is done for me. That’s the year I kept my journal almost daily. It’s once you get back to 1993 that it’ll get really difficult.

The entries I typed tonight are always the hardest to revisit because they are from the era when JonMartin and I were losing our friendship. They’re also great to revisit because of how strongly I felt about Tracy. I smile at my teenage melodrama, at the love I supposedly felt, even as I long to kick the shit out of my seventeen-year old self for speaking in cliches and casting friends aside for the love of a girl.

I have a headache and I have to start getting up at 5 instead of 5:30 so that I can pick up a salad before I go to work. I have faith that this plan of mine, the no unnecessary carbohydrates plan (meaning that I will have carbs when they happen to go along with something else that’s helpful), will work for me. This plus the gym should have me seeing progress again in no time at all.

I hope.