Talk Like A Pirate Day

Ahoy me buckos! I’ve been told by some that today be Talk Like A Pirate day and I meant’give a go at talkin’ like a pirate throughout this whole entry. So, gather round t’keg and t’treaaye lads and lasses and lets have us a jolly good time. Let us be thankful that I even made it into t’apartmentt’type this tonight for me buxom beauty actually locked me outo’t'place when she got home.

It was an interestin’ day otherwise, not one I could rightly complain about. I did work and lunch and then I had t’first sessiono’me weekend-intensive Teachin’o'Writin’ class. I was lookin’ foret’comin’ home and typin’ this really smartly before bed but when I unlocked t’fore doort’me apartment I discovered that Stephanie had already secured t’latch-chain thin’ and I couldn’t get in.

This left me most displeased and I hadt’travel down t’streett’call her collect from a payphone and wake her up in order that she might let me in. She apologized profusely and I said it was all right and I came in heret’type this.

I came in heret’type thin’s like, “Pardon me, but would ya mind if fired me six pounder through your porthole?” and also, “Avast, me proud beauty! Wanna know why me Roger be so Jolly?” I came in this here roomt’brin’ you t’finest in entertainment once again and I don’t mind sayin’ that I believe I’ve succeeded one more time

So, with that me beauties and bilge rats, I bid you farewell till the ‘morrow.