350 Calories

When I was driving home from the gym tonight, knowing I’d burned at least 350 calories thanks to the cool computerized thingamajigy, I was hoping to be able to start this entry with a big, bold statement like, “I burned off the equivalent of a Big Mac tonight.” Then I checked McDonalds.com to make sure I had my facts straight. Nope, I didn’t burn off a Big Mac. I didn’t even get close.

This is not to say I had a bad workout. I had an excellent workout and all my doubts about this dietary adjustment and workout plan were erased. What I’m trying to say is that I’m not sure I’ll ever eat at McDonalds again. Bear with me here for a second…

I worked my ass off and I burned 350 calories. I’d like to think that that’s the equivalent of a Quarter Pounder, if not a Big Mac. It’s neither. Both of those wonderful sandwiches, which I used to enjoy quite frequently, come in at well over the 500 calorie mark. The only thing I would have burned off, with all that work I did, was a simple McDonalds cheeseburger.

Now that is eye-opening. I mean, when I consider how much junk food Stephanie and I used to consume each weekend because we were too lazy to cook, I am startled that we weren’t ten times heavier than we were. When I think about all the bad shit I continued to eat while I did my modest workouts before, I can see, all of a sudden, why they weren’t that effective.

All of this makes me feel that much better about meeting with a personal trainer tonight, a guy named George, who gave me instructions on what to do in terms of cardio and will meet with me two or three more times to further figure out my strength-training routine. We did biceps and triceps tonight. I’m hoping we get to pecs and abs next time because those are the things that I most want to deal with. Those are the things I’m most frustrated with.

Okay, now I think I’ve found a topic that will bore more people to tears than football. Hooray for discovery!