Carry On

Tonight I was finally introduced to the evil that is Queer Eye For The Straight Guy. Jon and I were supposed to work on our script but due to a variety of computer problems and general laziness, the most we got done was some general plotting during the hour between the eight o’clock repeat and the ten o’clock new episode. The show is quite inescapable. You cannot not watch.

It convinces me more and more that once I get in shape, something I continued to work on today (burning 470 calories during the 45 workout), I will have to have myself a real life episode of this show and go out clothes-shopping with Jimmy. I think I’ve mentioned that before, but you’ll have to forgive me for repeating myself. I’m tired and, all of a sudden, I’m not feeling very well.

It’s been a long day and that’s mostly why. This morning I finished the corrections that will bring “The One About Ian” to a third draft. Tomorrow I’ll begin typing the whole story back into the computer, a technique suggested by my faculty mentor to really tighten it up.

Work was work and then working out was working out. Since I hadn’t seen JonMartin last week to work on the script, I would’ve been happy just hanging out and that’s what we basically did. We did talk about the script a lot. We fleshed out the second act and next week we’ll be very prepared to write it. But mostly we just talked and watched Queer Eye and that was okay.

I feel sick but luckily its time for bed and, hopefully, it will all be done with by morning.

I just had this terrible feeling that those might be the last words I ever type. I know that’s ridiculous but I have paranoid delusions like that sometimes.

Oh well. Carry on.