I forgot how much I missed watching Ed and The West Wing on Wednesday nights until tonight, just after 8 o’clock, when that kick-ass Foo Fighters song chimed in over the credits of Ed. There are a couple of television programs I just love and the shows I watched tonight are two of them. I never feel guilty about spending my Wednesday nights in front of the tube though. I especially don’t feel guilty on days when I wrote in the morning, worked during the day, and worked out in the early evening. I have nothing to feel guilty about when my days are that full.

It was a small downer that the Red Sox lost their game against Baltimore but I’m sure they’ll win tomorrow and, if I’m imagining correctly, that’ll be when they clinch the playoff wild-card spot. My lack of exact knowledge on the topic of the Sox magic number should not represent that I’m a fairweather Sox fan. I’m just not a big baseball fan to begin with. I love the Sox. I just don’t watch them as often as, say, Beth the Bassist.

Oh, what else? I made it through page six of seventeen when it came to typing the latest version of “The One About Ian” back into my laptop this morning. I would’ve made more progress but the first alarm on our alarm clock didn’t go off or was accidentally turned off or something. That did make my day start badly and some moron stalling out on the Rourke Bridge in the middle of my morning commute made it worse, but by the time I was exercizing this afternoon all was well.

Now I’m going to go to bed though, so that I can get a better night’s sleep than I have been getting. I need to stop taking naps on lunch instead of reading the books I need to read for school.