Muscles of All Kinds

I had a hard time getting through the workout today. It seems as the week goes on I have less and less stamina left in me. I do somehow make it through, but I spend most of the time wondering if I can make it. I am really committed to this exercise routine though. When George asks me on Monday whether I worked out every day this week I want to be able to say that I honestly did. And really, I’m not even answering George at that point. I’m answering myself.

I’ve taken on the challenge of weight loss with the same dedication with which I’ve approached my writing as of late. I won’t let anything stand between me and the body I know I can have, just as I won’t let anything stand in the way of my writing’s growth. I have daydreams, visions, of what I might look like when it’s all said and done. They have the same clarity as the visions I’ve so often had of writing a bestseller, seeing my screenplay produced for the big screen, or a comic book I wrote on the stands.

But it’s tough to get my real-life, physical muscles in shape. It’s even tougher than maintaining and growing the creative muscles I’ve been working on for so long. It’s tougher because I don’t really have anything to build on. I’m starting from scratch when it comes to actual, physical muscles.

I must, at this point, admit that I am a bit distracted as the trailer for The Matrix Revolutions downloads on my laptop.

I just finished watching the season premiere of Friends and I am looking forward to taking in the series premiere of Coupling, a new NBC show that comes on after crappy Will and Grace. I am also hoping to check out the Red Sox score in a moment. They were winning 12-0 last time I saw and a win tonight gets them into the playoffs.

I’m very scatter-brained right now and I’m going to shut up for tonight.