Very Few Faults

During my writing time this morning, which was abbreviated because my body decided to ignore the first alarm, I read through the whole of “The One About Ian” and found very few faults with the piece. This is great on one hand, because it means that I’m almost done with my next submission for the graduate program with more than two weeks to spare. On the other hand, it’s not so great because I’m committed to working on it for at least two days more.

Michael made it clear that I should work on the same piece for at least twelve days straight, that I should revise like I’ve never revised before. Well, I feel like I’ve done that in ten days but I’m wondering if there isn’t more I can do. I am hoping to get Stef to take a look at it over the weekend and see if she has any insights. I’m just too pleased with it at the moment, too pleased with how far its come and how its ended up.

Other than dealing with that, I had to deal with perpetual tiredness throughout the day and a massive attack of sick towards the end of the day, just as I was heading into the gym to work out. I did make it through my forty-five minutes of cardio but I went way slower than I had been going and when I got home I ended up paying for it in the bathroom anyway.

So, all that being said, I’d like to go get some much-deserved rest now. I’m hoping to sleep in until at least seven in the morning. That would be an accomplishment.