You Too Can Be Buff

You too can be buff. That’s the message I’m trying to send to my body with the workouts and the dietary adjustment and when I meet with the personal trainer and we go over a new set of weight machines that I’ll be working on, I do get the feeling that I could actually do it — that I too could be the man I want to be. Physically, I’ve never been closer to my goal. I’m still a long way away, but I’ve never been closer. And that is encouraging.

I’m losing weight too. Before I started this whole thing, around the time we went up to visit Tori, Dan, and Kerry, I weighed in at about 194 lbs or so. This morning I stepped on the scale and came in at 185.5. I’ve only been lighter in my adult life once, and that was around the time of the wedding. The lightest I’ve been in my adult life is about 182 or 183. Ideally, I think I need to be between 165 and 175. I probably need to be about 170.

That is to say that I don’t need to lose a lot more weight, but that I do need to lose the last bit, the toughest bit, and that I need to tone up in the process. When we went over chest exercises tonight I felt so damn good. They were hard but the thought that I might finally be rid of my cursed man-boobs was exhilirating.

I know I’ll be aching in the morning but let me bask in the afterglow for a second, okay?

The point, I guess, is that after two days off and after a decent (for once) day at work, I was primed and ready to workout tonight and I got the most out of it. Oh, and it didn’t hurt that I cooked us a killer dinner — cheeseburgers broiled in the oven with just a hint of Worcestershire sauce. There were no buns allowed of course, but it was fucking phenomenal. It feels good that meals generally come out all right when I experiment like that.