Hurting and Sleeping

I didn’t really feel how hard I’d worked my pecs and shoulders yesterday until I was done with the treadmill this evening. When I got home and I got changed, that’s when I felt it. Pulling the shirt over my head was a real pain in the ass. I was stiff and aching and actually, it was all good. It let me know that, maybe, we were making some decent progress.

Someplace where I’m not making progress is my reading. I continue to fall asleep in the car when I go out for my lunch break to read my Flannery O’Connor. It starts with this feeling that overtakes the back of my neck and then rushes upward, through my head, until it reaches my temples. I don’t know what it is. It kind of feels like what might happen when you black out. My head slumps forward and then, almost as a kneejerk reaction, I snap it back into place and open my eyes. It scares me. I can’t really describe it.

So, I’m thinking I need to find a new place to fit my reading in. This is sad because my lunch break was the perfect time for me to do it. I guess I’m just getting too tired by that point in the day and my car’s seat, while not overly comfortable, is comfortable enough to lull me into dreamland.

I could sit here and feel extraordinarily disappointed by this but I’m not. I did finish work on “The One About Ian” this morning and I got the beginnings of a paper for my Teaching of Writing class done to boot. It’s just the reading time that’s not working out.