Working My Cows

At the end of last night’s workout with the personal trainer we did calf exercises. I reached a certain point, towards the very end, when I really felt the burn. He saw it on my face and that’s when we ended the set. We’d found the weight I could handle and he said to me, “You’re going to feel that tomorrow.” Well, for most of the early morning I didn’t feel it at all. Then came the pain.

And the discomfort grew greater and greater as the day went on. I was still able to function at the end of the work day but they were starting to ache more. I called Stephanie to get her to excuse me from exercise tonight and at first she did, but then she suggested that I go to the gym and do some light cardio anyway — get those legs moving and warm. Of course, since she’s my wife and she’s smart, I listened.

When I got to the gym I saw the trainer, who was impressed to see me there the day after such a hard workout. I discussed with him for a minute what I might do and he suggested one machine in particular. I got changed and I did that.

For about ten minutes after my workout I thought that both the trainer and Stephanie were right on, that they had been correct in their determination that I should get those muscles stretched and warm. Then the pain came back.

So, I have the Bradford reunion tomorrow and my birthday and REM on Sunday and I can hardly walk. This is going to be interesting but I’m too excited about this weekend to be depressed.