A Great Finish

The local baseball franchise — I will continue avoiding saying their name until they win the World Series — just won Game 5 against the Oakland Athletics and they are headed to New York to play for the American League Championship. Suddenly, I don’t feel too bad at all about going back to work tomorrow. I have gotten everything I could have ever wanted out of this long birthday weekend — a party with all of my Bradford friends, a concert by one of my favorite bands, dinner with my parents and grandmother, and wins by two local sports franchises.

Tomorrow I need to get back on track with writing and exercise and with my screenplay writing with JonMartin, but tonight I’m just going to let these warm, happy feelings carry me off to sleep. It’s been a pretty great couple of days. What else can I say?

Stef and I did the chores this morning and she did some homework in the afternoon while I goofed around on the computer and watched the parts of yesterday’s Patriots game that I missed. Then we went out to dinner with Mom, Dad, and Grandma. We went to the Outback Steakhouse and I allowed myself to cheat on my diet with a loaded baked potato to go along with my steak. I cheated a little each day rather than a lot on one day or a lot on all days and I think that’ll make getting back to normal a little bit easier.

Anyway, it’s way past time for bed and I better get to sleep if I’m going to make my five o’clock wake-up time for writing.