By The Wayside

So many projects have fallen by the wayside at the expense of my new routine. With school, work, and exercise occupying all of the hours I don’t spend sleeping I’ve had little time for video game football, the Earl For America website, and lately, I’ve been having trouble finding time to meet with Jon on our screenplay. I guess I knew what I was getting in for when I added the exercise regimine to my day but sometimes—not often, but sometimes—I do feel a little blue. was a neat idea but I’ve had no time to update it and it seemed that me and the two people in the office who helped me come up with it were the only ones who thought it was truly cool. It did suffer because I launched it two days before I began the first MFA residency, but I could have picked it back up again. True, it still probably would have garnered no visitors but at least I would have known it failed on its merits and not on my laziness.

My lack of time for video game football is distressing but I think I’ll live.

What really bothers me is that JonMartin and I are having such a hard time lately in getting a time together to meet and work on our screenplay. Like Jon, I find out screenplay really funny and really promising. I think we were on a roll. Unfortunately, as of late, the nights I’m free he is not and the nights he’s free I am not. I’m sure we’ll work it out eventually but right now the outlook is a little bleaker than I’d like it to be.

I hope that as I continue with the exercising that I figure out a better way to balance everything. The plus is that I really feel the exercise is working. A good number of people at the Bradford get-together seemed to think so. Stephanie certainly thinks so, though she’d be perfectly happy with the pudgy old Chris. That’s something positive.