My Glass Is Almost Empty

Tori & Dan just sent over a slew of pictures from last weekend’s reunion and they made me very happy. I’ve been feeling very low and down on myself all day. I’m not sure why but I do know that seeing the pictures made me feel better. It’s probably time for me to go to bed and start over tomorrow but there’s this part of my brain that wants me to stay up till the wee hours trying to accomplish something. That part of my brain has no idea what it wants to accomplish. He only knows he wants to accomplish something. It is very frustrating.

Sarah McLachlan’s new single, “Fallen,” is playing in my Winamp right now. It is so gorgeous. It makes me mad that it’s probably not getting played anywhere. Sarah makes such beautiful music. I only hope that the world really gets to hear it. I could listen to this song all night.

By the end of the weekend I need to be ready to mail my second story of the semester, two-page papers on Flannery O’Connor’s Everything That Rises Must Converge and her letters, and a short writing exercise. I’d also like to find some time to fucking relax and maybe go see a movie.

I’m not sure I’m going to be all that successful.