Violently Ill

Stephanie and I drove up to Best Buy in Salem, NH this morning so I could pick up a couple of things with my birthday money (Madden 2004 and The Lion King on DVD). Right about the time we were heading to the checkout I started feeling violently ill. I thought I was going to throw up and shit my pants simultaneously right there in the store and it just continued to get worse and worse for the next forty-five minutes as we made our way home.

I don’t think I ever got across to Stef how sick I was feeling. We stopped for some medicine, which I took, but then, instead of going straight home, we ended up stopping at the bank and the post office. I was so frustrated and I was so sick but eventually we made it to the apartment and after a few minutes in the bathroom I went back to bed.

I did get up in time to watch the Local Baseball Franchise lose their game against the Evil Empire. So into it was I that I found myself wishing someone would firebomb the Yankees’ hotel. And, when they were interviewing Derek Jeter after the show I started screaming at the television and the crew for the sheer audacity of interviewing that son of a bitch on my television screen. Stephanie turned off the TV at that point and so sick of my shit was she that she told me to shut up. I told her to shut up right back and went into the other room.

And, well, the rest of the night has progressed. I was kind of hoping to get together with JonMartin and maybe Greg to check out Kill Bill this weekend (and with Jon to work the screenplay) but my sickness has seen to it that I won’t have time to do anything but homework. I have two papers to write tomorrow. I have an outline for one of them. The other one, not so much.

As I predicted on Friday, the weekend is just not going to be long enough.