Who Needs Sleep?

I’m watching the Local Baseball Franchise take on the Evil Empire at Fenway Park on the television, knowing that I must be bedroom-bound within the hour. As much as I want to watch the rest of this game I really need to get a regular bedtime in place. I’m having a hard time getting up to write in the mornings and I’m still falling asleep at lunch, despite having something much more interesting to read. So, I’ll trust to the boys to do what needs to be done and I’ll trust to you fine folks to bring the arguments tomorrow morning if something crazy goes down.

I got out of the apartment early this morning because I wanted to make it to the post office to send off my second MFA submission before work. I didn’t remember that today was Columbus Day and that our fine government, for some reason, decided to designate this meaningless date on the calendar as a holiday. Needless to say, I walked in to work early cursing Columbus and I probably would have started cursing the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria if my faux-anger hadn’t elicited a laugh.

The day was a day and that’s all I can say. I got to start Slaughterhouse Five on my break and I’m already in love. Vonnegut is so much more my speed and I think, given my style and my sensibilities, I’ll learn a lot more from him than I did from O’Connor.

I did start dozing by the end of lunch though and that was disturbing to me. I made myself promise to do my workout, come home and eat and write this entry and then get to bed on time. I have about twenty-two minutes to go. The Evil Empire has scored a run since I began typing and it looked like they were going to get more but Manny Ramirez just made the final out.

I’m going to bed before things get messy. They do better without me watching anyway.