Queer Eye Distracting The Straight Guy

The hardest part about working out tonight was not the aching protest of my various leg muscles (which was no small amount of protest) but the fact that Local Baseball Franchise was playing on every television in the joint — and they were losing. By the time I finished with the weight training and moved to the treadmill things were not looking good and I couldn’t concentrate on getting a good workout because the game was pissing me off so much. I did make it through though. Unfortunately, the LBF did not.

After the workout JonMartin and I finally got back to our screenplay writing, which was quite nice. We did pause to watch the doom of our fallen franchise and to eat a little but then we got to work and wrote a couple of key scenes that I think really move stuff along.

Excuse me if the entry feels a little bit distracted. I have Queer Eye playing in here in the office. I think I’ve learned this is not a good idea. I find myself staring at each sentence for minutes on end because the show is captivating me a little too much.

I’m sure there are dozens of other things I wanted to mention here tonight but something just struck me. I don’t think I ever mentioned how amazing the peanut butter pie was, the slice that Greg, Erik, Tori and Dan bought for me. It was, like, amazing. And stuff. I really liked it.

Damn. It’s only the Queer Eye commercials and I’m still distracted.