Car Sh!t Again

I have been going to great lengths to keep my car running without taking it into the shop. I believe I’ve addressed the severity of it’s problem with starting. When I get in the car I rub the dashboard and I whisper sweet nothings and then, eventually, she starts up and we’re off. It’s a pain in the ass but I was willing to deal with it in order to save Stephanie and I some money. Then Stephanie came home with car troubles last night and everything got a lot more frustrating.

She took her car in to get it checked out this afternoon and it turns out that the funny gas smell she was smelling and that little leak she was noticing over the last two days had something to do with her fuel tank and it’s going to take $600 to fix. We’re down to one car and it’s my car, which we’re not even sure is going to start tomorrow morning. This is not exactly great news.

But, the Red Sox (yes, I am allowed to say their name again by proclamation of the peoples at work) won tonight and Pedro takes the hill tomorrow and, despite my better judgement, I have some pretty good (but restrained) feelings about this.

The power went out in the top of the ninth inning here in Dracut. Stephanie and I pulled out my small walkman with the AM/FM tuner and plugged in a pair of headphones at full blast to listen to the end of the game. With candles lit we listened to the final outs being made and then we heard people in the parking lot, who had run out to their cars when the power went out, screaming for joy. We opened the window in the living room and I screamed back.

So, I have no idea what’s going to happen with the car situation tomorrow except that I have a ton of writing work to do and I probably won’t have time to do it because I have to drive Stef to work before I head in and that involves leaving an hour earlier than usual for me. It’s going to be interesting but Stef says we’ll probably take my car in once hers is fixed. My plan to save money on car repairs has been ruined anyway.