Sick and Tired

Like the speechwriters on The West Wing, I sort of had two different versions of this entry in my head when the night began. One was pleasant and happy because it would be written when the Red Sox won, which for most of the game it looked like they were going to do. The other was one I hoped I didn’t have to use but now find myself forced to implement here in the wee hours of the morning.

I am tempted to just type FUCK NEW YORK over and over and over again but I don’t really see the point. Every sensible human being on the planet knows that New York sucks, that it deserves every atrocity committed against it, and that it should be removed from the Union as soon as possible. I would personally love it if someone hijacked the Yankees plane whenever it is that they have to travel to Florida to meet the Marlins and then crashed the fucking thing into Yankee Stadium.

If you’re offended by this, if you think I’m being off the wall, then fuck you. I don’t fucking care what you think and I don’t care if you’re offended. If you’re from New York, I’m sorry for you and I hope you find the common sense to move out of that God forsaken state sometime in the near future.

You know why New York sucks? Because New York thinks it deserves everything. New York is the fucking cry baby of the United States. When the tragedies of September 11th took place New York hogged the spotlight. They, and their control of every major media outlet, made the world forget about the Pentagon and the plane that went down in Pennsylvania. They made the world forget about the people from other states who died. It was “Poor New York… Don’t we feel sorry for them.”

I am so sick to death of New York and its prominence in the world. I live in a state that I love with people who are generally good and unlike those assholes just south of here. We don’t get any of the credit for the role we’ve played in the forming of this nation. We don’t get any credit or any recognition for being here because of the fucking Empire State.

You know what? Fuck it. I am so sick of talking about this. Somebody shoot Derek Jeter. Somebody fuck Roger Clemens up the ass with an unlubed baseball bat. Find George Steinbrenner and bring me his head on a pike.

And, let me just say this, a Masshole wouldn’t fall asleep at the wheel while driving a passenger ferry. Only a fucking New Yorker would do that. You should’ve gotten to the gun quicker asshole and done the world a favor.

By the way, I had to go home sick today. I should probably go see the doctor. I should probably go get my car fixed. But, my wife, who just spent $600 to fix her car, is talking about how much she hates her job again. So, I guess it is again my turn to grin and fucking bear it.

Come to think of it, being fucked up the ass by an unlubed baseball bat might be preferable to the shit I’ve dealt with this week.