Back On Track

Today was about trying to get back into a routine. I started working on my next story for the MFA program this morning. It’s actually a revision of a story I turned in for the summer residency called “The One About Carl.” The thing about this story is that it had a lot of great writing in it but it was structurally a mess and some of the description was more suited for a novel-length piece than a short story. I needed to find the focus and I think it took me about two months away from it to do that.

I have a solid plot structure in mind and I can reuse a lot of the pieces that already there but I am going to retype it from scratch. Cutting and pasting could work but I think it would be messy. I think you’d end up with sections that didn’t flow together well and all that. Retyping will not be too bad.

I also got back to exercising tonight. I’d skipped Thursday and Friday because I was feeling bad. I wasn’t feeling too much better today but you have to get back to it some time. Getting through the strength training part was tough today. I was doing biceps and triceps for the first time and I think he was pushing my limits more on these exercises than with any of the others when he assigned the number of reps and weights.

After exercising I came home and Stef and I ate dinner and then things wound down. Now it’s time for bed.