The Inside Of My Elbow

Today at work I wrote out a list of things to get done when I got home and tonight I did none of those things. Television programs occupy far too much of my time on Wednesday and Thursday nights and I think a lot of shit falls by the wayside in my life because I am addicted to Ed, The West Wing, and Friends. I also had some e-mails to write today, to try and figure out if a gathering I think is supposed to happen this weekend really is going to happen and I didn’t do that either.

JonMartin and I were talking about this last night when we weren’t writing. Sometimes it’s not so much that work is so stressful. It’s just that after a long day the last thing you want to do is more work. I suppose that’s why I do my writing in the morning. I wouldn’t get it done at all otherwise.

I think Tiff called a couple of weeks ago and wanted to get together with a friend of hers and KenMills and Jon and I. I’m probably totally wrong. Who the fuck knows? Anyway, I’m supposed to write and see if that’s what’s up or else I’m supposed to call. I’m just too tired, man. I don’t want to do anything after a long day of writing, working, and exercising except eat, relax and then go to sleep.

Thankfully I wrote something I was moderately happy with this morning. Comments on the story I handed in last time helped me refocus as I continue work on the story for next time. It was good.

I’m going to bed. Jesus, this is getting tough to do every day.