All For Now

My right arm hurt today. It hurt a lot. I wondered whether I would be able to exercise and in the end I did exercise but it still hurt. This is nonsense. I don’t know why I’m telling you this because reporting every ache and pain is growing tiresome, is already tiresome for the most part. I am tired. Tired is what I am. I write and then I work and then I exercise and then I eat and then I sleep and then I do everything all over again.

This morning I wrote a terrific scene in my revision of “The One About Carl.” The beginnings of this scene, the heart of it, were in the first draft. But, they never came to fruition. I’m not sure if this new version is a totally new story but I don’t think that it is. There’s a lot more new material in here than material from the first draft but the best stuff from the first draft is there and I guess that’s what revision is about.

I am only allowed to take half-hour lunch breaks now. Did I mention that? Well, they’re working out. They give me less time to fall asleep while reading and because of this I have finished a first reading of Slaughterhouse Five, which was fucking brilliant. Now I have to read it again so I can write intelligent things about the way it is written.

Uhm, that is all for now.