Victoria’s Secret Research

My work on “The One About Carl” continues to be fulfilling in a way that I never imagined revision would or could be. This morning I ran into a predicament where I had to describe what the lead female character is wearing and I decided to experiment. Rather than just conjure some outfit out of my head I visited (not for the lingerie… for the other clothes they sell) and I found the outfit I wanted the character to wear and I described it. It was actually rather fun.

I had forgotten how useful pictures can be in aiding the writer. That’s silly, I guess, because it was by writing a story on the back of a picture in the third or fourth grade that I finally decided I wanted to be a writer. I realized that the Internet is an endless supply of reference material and with my laptop plugged into the network I have access to it whenever I’m writing. This chould be very cool.

Work was fine but I would have rather been working on my story all day. We went out to lunch at an Italian place called Mama’s just down the road from the office and it proved to be my first confrontation with the evils of pasta since beginning my diet a few weeks ago. I was strong though and had my salad and was fine with it.

Stef and I are going to sit back and watch The Matrix Reloaded now and I’ll probably fall asleep on the couch.