Beginning Carl

I’m struggling a bit with the opening to “The One About Carl.” I think the present opening is the most dynamic of the ones I’ve written. It gets you into the story the quickest and makes you want to keep reading. There’s exposition sprinkled throughout and I think you get most of the information you need. But, I wonder if there’s crucial information that’s not getting across in those first pages. Do I need a scene before the one that’s there now?

Today, because I couldn’t stop thinking about it, I jotted down a couple of ideas at work and e-mailed them to myself. I’ll try them out tomorrow morning when writing time comes but really, I wouldn’t mind getting to work on it right now if I weren’t so tired. The story excites me, as most of my writing has of late. I’m not sure if it’s good, because it’s so radical a revision, but I have a feeling it must be at least alright.

The 178.5 that the scale told me was not a fluke, as I thought it might be. I was still weighing in at that weight this morning and I resolved to really work myself during my afternoon workouts to try and jumpstart the process even further. That resulted in me being kind of sore but being pretty happy about it. I worked my chest, shoulders, and back today. I had sort of found that to be the easiest of the three days, but today was challenging. Tomorrow is the day I work my legs. That’s always rough.

And, as for work. Well, it’s work.