The Scale’s Mood Swings

So, Jon and I get together on Tuesday nights to work on our script. Except, sometimes we don’t work on it at all and we sit in my living room and watch television for two hours. We can’t be blamed when it’s an episode of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy that I haven’t seen and then the season premiere of 24. I don’t think we can be blamed for that. It’s research, right? If we’re writing for the screen, then watching other people’s work on the screen is considered helpful to our cause, is it not?

Well, which ever side of the issue you come down on, you have to agree that it’s pretty impressive that I find time to write in the morning, work in the day, exercise in the early evening, and still find time to do some more writing at night. Unfortuately, I haven’t found much time to run through the mini-lesson I’m supposed to present in my Teaching of Writing class this weekend, but you can’t win them all. I’ll work that Wednesday night.

Unless, of course, I end up glued to the boob tube watching Ed, and The West Wing.

In other news, work continues on “The One About Carl” and I hate it now. I imagine I’ll hate it more tomorrow morning when I have to work on it again. I feel like, with both my revisions that I’ve been working on this semester, I have been losing something of the story’s heart in the cutting. “Carl” moves faster now, has less scenes and tries to get more dramatic punch out of each, but I wonder if it has any heart now. I wonder if anyone would actually enjoy reading it.

Who knows…

I do know that I weighed in at 180 lbs this morning and I was only minorly disappointed. At least I’m coming to accept that the scale’s mood swings should not dictate my own.