It’s really been far too long since I added any archival entries to this site. It is already abundantly obvious that I won’t be making my goal of getting back to 1977 this year, but I could at least find some time to finish 1994, couldn’t I? I mean, I kept a paper journal that basically just needs transcribing for that whole year. Seriously, I am sick of coming to my page and seeing that whole bottom two-thirds of it unupdated.

Of course, I do have schoolwork and regular work and exercise occupying a great portion of my day, but whatever.

Speaking of exercise, I actually had to stop in the middle of my cardio workout tonight because I was feeling so nauseous. I kept telling myself that I could push through it, that I was being a wimp if I didn’t, but eventually it came down to me not wanting to throw-up on the machine. It was even more disappointing when I got home and weighed myself and saw that I’d somehow made it all the way back up to 182.5. That’s definitely not the direction I want to be heading.

I do think I am looking alright in the mirror though. The trouble is, I’ve conditioned myself to only see the fat when I look at myself and really, there is still a hell of a lot of it.