I woke up this morning with a badass charlie horse in my calf and even now, at 10:30 at night, the pain still hasn’t fully gone away. I’m a little worried its going to show up again tomorrow morning but I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. I didn’t work out tonight because I had the first night of my weekend class. That was fun, though everyone was tired from a long day and a long week. I don’t know that bodes for the rest of the weekend, but we’ll see.

I sent “The One About Carl” off to two of my peers from the MFA program today. One of them has already gotten back to me with some insightful comments and I think this is a valuable piece of the revision puzzle I missed out on last month. I have these people at my disposal (and they know I am at their disposal as well) but I haven’t used them until now. The comments I’ve received should help in further polishing the piece.

Tomorrow morning I have to teach a mini-lesson in class. It is a Teaching of Writing class, so I suppose that is to be expected. I have chosen to teach on the topic of “going back to the well,” that is, the idea of revisiting a subject you’re familiar with but dealing with it in a totally different manner. For examples I am going to present a portion of a piece I wrote in anger about my father during my college years and a piece I wrote recently about him that is kind of written for children and much more loving.

I hope it goes well.