We ended the second and final weekend of our Teaching of Writing class with an author share. These types of events, where everyone reads aloud from their pieces, are always favorites of mine. I enjoy it as much because I get to hear everyone else read as I do because I get to read. It was a nice day. I was tired and a lot of others were tired but we made it through and it’s good to know that, a couple of minor assignments aside, I am done with my first MFA class.

Now, I don’t really have any other “classes” in the traditional sense, but I think you get what I mean.

The only trouble about the weekend classes is that you don’t get any break. You work five days, do school for two days, and then work another five before you get a break. This is a bit stressful. Thankfully, I have the new Sarah McLachlan record and Matrix Revolutions to look forward to this week. Oh, and a Patriots game tomorrow night on Monday Night Football.

I’ve almost finished reading Slaughterhouse Five for the second time and this is good but I’ll have less time to get through the second book of the month than I would have liked because of how long it’s taken me. I’m reading a short story collection by Lorrie Moore next.

And, it’s back to work on “Carl” tomorrow morning. I don’t quite know what I’ll do with him tomorrow. If nothing’s working I think I’ll give myself some time to read more Vonnegut.